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Live the Word

Our newest video series is a closer look at the Sunday Epistle and Gospel readings.  Join Steve every Monday as he explores the readings and offers three challenging questions to help you find Christ at work in your life. And join Christian every Thursday as he wrestles with these questions and digs even deeper. 

Books of the Bible

A companion to “Live the Word,” this series will help you make sense of the Scripture. Join Steve as he offers some context and ideas to help you better understand the books of the Bible as you read the Scripture, search for Christ, and live the Word.

Be The Bee

The series that started it all, "Be the Bee" is dedicated to finding God in everything, every day. Join Steve as he leads you through everything from difficult theological questions to everyday struggles and challenges. Each episode takes the most complex issues and makes them easy to understand for people of all ages.

This one hundred and thirty-three episode series will help reveal Christ at work in your life.

Pop Culture Coffee Hour

We put the basic "Be the Bee" idea to the test by beginning to look for Christ in the everyday movies, tv shows, and music that shape pop culture. Begun by Steve and Christian, PCCH now has a second team (Christina and Emma) that offer their unique take on pop culture. The guys and girls alternate in this weekly podcast.

Join them as they look for Christ in the most unexpected places.

The Trench

Relationships both shape who we are and provide us with an opportunity to encounter Christ in others. Join Christian as he walks you through some of the basic challenges and opportunities of our everyday relationships.

From parenthood to friendship, from home to work, this thirty-five episode series will help you find Jesus through the people you interact with daily.

Be The Bee | What is Orthodox Christianity?

A playlist within the larger series, "What is Orthodox Christianity" offers short yet comprehensive videos outlining some of the basic beliefs of the Church.

From Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity to iconography and the saints, this twenty-three episode series will help answer some of your basic questions about the Church. It's also a great introduction for friends and family who may not know very much about Orthodoxy.

Y2AM Blog

Multiple contributors offer weekly articles wrestling with tough questions of ministry, theology, culture, and the challenges of young adulthood.

This ongoing project is a must-read for anyone interested in the daily challenges of living Orthodoxy.