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Make better ministry in your home and community.

Effective Christian Ministry

Whether or not you went to seminary, you may feel unprepared for the challenges of leading youth and young adult ministry in your community. To help, we've created a great new course to help train you on the successful ministry vision we've crafted as well as give you the tools to implement it in your community.

Whether you're a clergyman, lay Church worker, or parent these courses will give you the tools you need to help draw young people closer to Christ! Click here.


Y2AM Ministry Plan

Creating resources for youth and young adult ministry isn't easy, and it takes a lot of time. Plus, the more we work in isolation, the less opportunity there is for programs to work together and support each other.

To help, we've created a new, comprehensive, and integrated set of resources for youth and young adults. Designed for parish, camp, and family use, they'll help you lead great ministry in your communities that's also supported in every home.

Retreats and Other Resources

Whether you need to lead a retreat for Good Friday or a lock-in at your parish, these assorted retreat sessions and resources will help you hold an uplifting and Christ-centered event.