We help ministry workers introduce young people to Jesus Christ.

So young people can live out their relationship with the Lord and His Church on a daily basis.

Being an Orthodox Christian isn't easy. We're here to give you the tools and training you need to help you and the young people you serve find God at work in your everyday lives.



A clear, engaging ministry message that people can understand and relate to.


A personal invitation to connect with Christ and live in relationship with Him.


A living experience of the presence of God and the reality of His Kingdom.

We’re helping to focus ministry on Christ and His Kingdom
As a Church, we have a problem: less and less people (especially young people) are developing a real relationship with Christ. Yet over the last few years, Y2AM has learned a few things that can help us develop better ministry, and bring more people to Christ.

Refocus Ministry

We know that real ministry needs to be grounded in Christ and oriented towards the Kingdom of God. No more distractions.

Know People

We realize that we can't help people until we get to know them. That means knowing the culture and how people think.

Never Settle

We're committed to offering only the highest quality resources and advice. No gimmicks, just effective and life-changing ministry.


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