Ministry Plan 2018-2019

Y2AM Ministry Plan 2018-19 | A Life of Offering

The Y2AM Ministry Plan can help you create Christ-centered, Kingdom-oriented ministry in your home or community.

NOTE: While the 2017-18 version is archived here, we ask everyone to use the latest version so we can all walk on this ministry journey together.
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I am so excited about this year’s Ministry Plan from Y2AM! These free materials equip ministry workers to cultivate an environment where young people are safe to explore their faith, sharing their hopes, their struggles and their doubts. If you're wondering how to bring vitality and meaning to your ministries, start here.

— Elissa Bjeletich, podcaster and author

The Y2AM Ministry Plan offer a rich harvest of resources that can be fed to those hungering for Christ. With this great tool, there is no need to waste scarce time and talent developing your own materials: we’re equipped both with spiritual fruits and the time we need to feed the Word of God to yearning souls.

— Father Bill Gikas, parish priest

This resource supports ministry workers with a complete curriculum, thoughtful sessions and activities for all ages, which we can utilize throughout the ecclesiastical year. The Y2AM Ministry Plan helps to bring youth, young adults, and families into a deeper relationship with Christ on their journey toward the Kingdom.

— Eva Konstantakos, Director of Y2AM Detroit

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Discover the level and month of the Ministry Plan that's right for you.


Look over the Ministry Plan session and prepare to lead it.


Lead an incredible, Christ-centered ministry experience.